Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A great day for the world

I am proud of America today - defiantly the right decision. I have real hope that he will make a difference, not just to the USA, but to all of us. Loved his speech when he said that his girls will get their puppy! So cute! Just so sad his Grandmother didn't get to see this. I'm sure she's watching from heaven though.
So proud of my girl at the moment - she's in Year 5 at Primary school, and this year, all the years have been put into sets for Maths and English - and yesterday Ruth got moved from the 2nd to the highest set for English in the whole school. There is only one other boy from Year 5 in the class (he has been in with Year 6 for Maths and English since Year 3) - the rest are all Year 6. She said yesterday was the best day of her life - although 2 of her 'friends' said she was a goody-goody. Fortunately she realised they were just jealous.
On the flip side, Alex is still struggling - he hates being in the lowest set. He gets so frustrated, as his mind is far ahead of what he can actually get down on paper. Still waiting to hear if he will get tested for Dyslexia. Trying to get him to do lots of reading which he loves.
I'm fairly close to being finished with my assignments - just need to refine and rehearse my Plea in Mitigation.