Thursday, 31 July 2008

Looonnnggg journey (well for us)

We have just had the BEST few days with our wonderful friend Kirsty. The kids love her, and her puppy Eddy, who we had to practically tear them away from. Alex especially bonded with him, and was heartbroken to leave him. They would have smuggled him home in their bags if they could have. And to be honest, so would I. He is the most adorable dog I have ever met. I've been thinking of getting a puppy for a while, but was worried that Alex is too young to be sensible with one, but they were so good for each other. Alex's laughter when they were chasing each other round the house and garden was wonderful. They had fun playing on the Wii Fit too, and we got home to find that ours should arrive tomorrow - whoohoo!

Actually the journey up was pretty good - took about 2 1/2 hours including petrol and toilet stops, and the journey back wasn't terrible even though some of it was in rush hour. Took about 3 hours I think.

We did miss John and Pilchard though, but I think you appreciate people (and cats) more when you spend time apart occasionally.

Kirsty took some beautiful photos of the kids, and we picked up our amazing wedding photos. They are so beautiful, and I just can't believe its me in them!

Kirsty introduced us to the wonders of the Range - OMG how can I have lived to 27 (and a half) without ever setting foot in there!!??. I got a few frames for the wedding photos and scrapbook pages. Will defiantly be going back there.

Have a mountain of housework to catch up on now (don't remember the house looking like this when we went away, but guess it must have done), and a load of photos to scrap (yay!) so better be getting off to bed so I'm full of energy for tomorrow. And the delivery of the Wii Fit is any time from 7am-7pm, so we'll have to stay in all day til it arrives. Sure there'll be lots of amusing photos once its set up :)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hot, hot, hot!!!

It has been soooo hot here the past few days. I'm really not good with heat - have to be careful as I burn and get heat stroke. Fortunately, our living room is fairly cool though. Haven't done much this weekend as its been too hot to do much other than sit with feet in the kids paddling pool!

On Tuesday we went up British Camp to fly the new kite. Alex had such fun that he wouldn't give anyone else a go! I love that hill - its has such an amazing history.

Have a few good things coming up in the next month - best friends' baby is due in a few days (so excited!!), visiting wonderful friends, my Grandma and Grandad's 60h wedding anniversary, Alex's 7th birthday to name but a few.

Teaching quilling at craft group on Tuesday, so must get on and make some samples - so hard when its so hot though!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Look what I found!!!!

How amazing is this! Was walking past Oxfam on Friday evening and spotted it the window. Of course immediately fell madly in love, but had no time to go in the shop, so spent the next 12 hours or so thinking of little else, until we took John to work the next morning, and I could go and see if they still had it. They did, and it only cost £19.99! Mum bought it for me as a present, as she knew how much I love things like this. Been trying to work out the manufacturer, but there is no makers mark, and the plate that is just by the foot is so worn you can only make out '_(illegible) SEWING MACHINE CO _______(illegible) TOWN LONDON' I have seen an almost identical one, just with slightly different patterns, and its made by Frister and Rossmann around 1878. It may not be, but its the closest I've found. If anyone happens to know any experts in antique sewing machines who might be able to identify it and give me tips on cleaning/restoration, it'd be greatly appreciated.

We went back to the Worcester Woods yesterday, and even though we forgot the GPS thingy (doh!), we managed to find the cache that had eluded us last time. Had a lovely walk around the woods with the kids too. It was a shame that John was working though.

Oh, nearly forgot - my LO is in SI!!! It arrived this morning, and had a quick flick through with trembling fingers - wonder if you ever get used to it? Only my second LO to be published though. It's the one with the cute blue car if you're interested. Will take a photo and upload when I've got a bit more time.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Shortly After The Dream, The Mountains Breathed Out A Morning GlowAcross The Still Surface Of A Murky Glacial Lake

OMG this makes me feel so homesick!!! Found this amazing photo on Flickr, of the jetty at Lake Rotoiti, where I lived in New Zealand. I would jump on a plane and go back right now if I could. Just need to persuade the rest of the family!

Normal service has been resumed

I had killer PMT, post-wedding blues, and general urrgghh-ness (yes that is a real word - I just invented it). Much better now, thanks to my wonderful friends Kirsty and Harriet (sorry for being neurotic guys!).

Speaking of Harriet - OMG 2 weeks left til her due date!!!!! She is looking AMazing. Sooooo good. Can't wait to meet her baby. They've been told its probably a boy, but you can never be 100%. Looking forward to taking some gorgeous photos for her. Makes me feel a bit broody, but then I remember what they're like when they grow up!

Yet another sports day on Tuesday. Having gone to Alex's with John last week, was very supriesed to see Alex's class joining in with the Junior's one too. Fortunatley took my 70-300mm lens, so although I got some funny looks and comment, managed to get photos of them when they were at opposite ends of the field. This one of Alex was taken from 200m away or so, so its not amazing quality. (Building work in the background is some kind of reorganisation of the car park, field and juniors playground - no idea what they're doing, but its very noisy and dusty!) Love this photo of Ruth - check out that toungue! She was scraed of the hurdles, as last year she tripped over them and hurt her leg. This year she managed to get over all of them, as did Alex, which is amazing, as he's quite tiny.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Feeling s**tty

I guess I have the post wedding blues or something, as life is still pretty good really, but I feel really down. Maybe its the lack of routine with being broken up from college - I have no energy or motivation to do anything, and just feel miserable. Must be terrible company.

Got my confirmation of a place on Year 2 of the HND - got 5 Distinctions and 3 Merits for Y1, which wasn't bad. Will try for all Distinctions in Y2 though.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

A lovely day

at Nunnery Wood. The woods were lovely and peaceful, although the picnin and kids play areas were very crowded! Alex loved the monkey bars. He'd never managed them before, as he's quite small, but got the knack of it today. After a couple of tries, he made it all the way across with me taking photos. Then he had to go all the way across to show Daddy, which took a while, and by the time he wanted to show Ruth, he was exhausted and his hands hurt, but he wouldn't give up until he'd managed it.

Check out the determination on that face!
Got there!
He was so proud of himself, but had to have a nap when he got home as he was so tired.
Ruth enjoyed the swings - love this action shot. The first I took of her swinging, and it came out the best :)

There is a story behind these apples - we had had a small bushy tree growing in our front garden since we moved in 9 years ago, and always thought it was some knid of weed, and meant to take it out, except that it provides a bit of privacy from the road. Then last year we looked up, and there were 3 small apples right near the top. We were so suprised that we thought someone had stuck them there as a joke, but this year we have 20+, and October Afternoon have the most beautiful apple paper that I got in the June SC kit, so I can't wait to scrap the photos - yay!

Off for a cup of tea and some Jammie Dodgers - my waistline is screaming at me to stop, but they're just too yummy.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Done a thorough clear out of the kids drawers this morning - had been long over due as there were things long out grown in there, and their new summer outfits couldn't fit in! It was a real eye opener. Some of Alex's clothes that I cleared out from when he was a little boy, before he started school - made me feel quite sad. They're both growing so fast. Most noticeable was the change in colours and styles - Alex's old clothes were mostly in shades of blues and a few pale greens, from when I used to pick everything. Now he chooses his clothes, its all camouflage and the related colours, and everything has skulls! Ruth has gone from lots of fairies to rock chick - she's really getting into that pre-teen phase now.

Managed another LO yesterday - on a bit of a roll. Not going to post it though, as I'm considering entering a few contests this summer. No chance in hell of winning, but nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Iron Maiden @ Twickenham

This was our view from the very top of the stadium. It was an amazing concert. First time I'd seen Bruce, although I saw them 10 years ago with Blaze singing. John has been a massive fan since he was about 12, so it was a dream come true to see them play a stadium, especially as they played the songs he'd wanted to hear.

Getting there wasn't the most fun - it was supposed to take just over 2 hours, but the traffic round Heathrow was awful, and it took about an hour to go 2 miles! Having left home about 12.30, we reached the stadium just after 4.30pm. The gig finished at 10.15pm, and it took us an hour to get out of the school playground that was used as a car park. Then we got lost getting back to the M4, which isn't fun at 11.45pm in almost central London! We got there eventually, and I drove for a while, but was struggling to keep my eyes open - just couldn't focus. Fortunately John was wide awake, and drove the rest of the way, and we got home at 3.10am. So we've been a bit tired this weekend.

OMG how good was Dr Who?! I must have cried for about the last 20 mins. Such a good end to the series, and although I didn't like Catherine Tate before, she became my favourite of all the companions. Wonder who will be in the Christmas special. Glad David Tennant is still the Doctor - he's so lovely - and looks a bit like John too :)

Been altering some tops this morning. Bought them with the intention to embellish months ago, and Gok's Fashion Fix inspired me to have a go. Love that program - ok the utfits he makes aren't exactly my cup of tea, but the ideas he has are what he does is amazing.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Drastic hair cut alert!!!


So whatcha think?? Nice comments only please :) I LOVE it!! Been planning it for a year, but wanted long hair in the wedding photos, so waited til after. Will scrap the photos later of course.

Feeling a bit down this week - been a bit under the weather and don't suit being at home all the time - really need to be at college I think. Only another 2 and a bit months to go! Thought I'd enjoy the scrapping time, but just scared to start anything in case its rubbish and puts me off even more.

Got an appointment to see our housing officer next week - desperately need a 3 bed house, so fingers crossed it goes well.

This is the Star Book I made with the photos from Kirsty's blog using PaulaP's instructions from SI. Took it into the hairdressers and they couldn't believe I'd made it, and were telling me I should sell them, which made me feel good.

This is a LO I did with the June Studio Calico kit.
Quite simple, but loved the photos, so waned to keep the emphasis on them.