Thursday, 22 January 2009

My new favourite things

Trollbeads! I had been admiring the bracelets of people on UKS for about 18 months and discovered the other week that a jewellers in Worcester had started shopping them. So as I was working over the road from them last week, I decided to reward myself for finishing it by buying myself a bracelet, lock and 1 bead. Except I couldn't choose, so I got 2 (the 2 on the right). Then I searched on Etsy, and found this store which has the most amazing original beads, so I bought another 3. I LOVE my bracelet :)

Managed to get my essay in on time although I have no illusions as to its quality, at least it got finished on time. I have exams next week in Family Law, Criminal Procedure and Civil Litigation, so trying to revise, but its hard to get motivated.

My Studio Calico kit finally arrived yesterday, and is beautiful as always. Can't wait to have time to scrap again

Friday, 16 January 2009

Work Experience and exciting news!

Yep this is where I have been working for the past week. In the Debt Recovery department no less. It wasn't like high school WE where all you do is file, make the tea and photocopy (although I did a little filing and photocopying, but no more than the regular staff). I got to go to a court hearing which was really interesting, a client meeting with the head of the department, lots of research for various solicitors, listing documents for disclosure, reading files, and filling in some documents - Statutory Demands, Application for Probate Search. It was VERY tiring, and there were days when I wasn't sure I could do it, but Simon (my boss for the week) said I had made a real impression, and was welcome back any time, so I think I did well :)
This has been a stressful week! As well as work experience, I have had an essay to write (still not finished it!), 3 exams to prepare for, my grandad had a fall on Sunday and has been in hospital (but is ok), Alex is ill, one of my best friends is having a really bad time, and I have been having trouble sleeping (got 2 hrs the night before I started work!). And stressful, but good news- it looks like we're moving! Got a phone call last week from a lady who has a 3 bed house thats too big now for her and her husband, so we went and had a look, and although the area isn't great, its lovely inside and has a nice garden. Had to have a massive tidy and clean here but they liked ours! So just have to get a few things fixed, and we should be able to sign the forms next week, and as long as the HA agree, will be moving in a month or so!!!! So much to do. Gonna use it as an opportunity for a massive clear out (at least a third of my books, all the craft stuff I don't use, toys the kids don't play with etc). After loving the house when they looked round, the kids cried when they found out - they've always lived here. It'll be good though. And they'll get their own rooms at long last.