Monday, 26 May 2008

Nearly a wife

I was thinking yesterday how I'm going to miss being engaged. That might sound strange to some people - the whole point of being engaged is that you are getting married, but I've been so busy with college and planning the wedding that I haven't had time to appreciate just BEING engaged. That makes me feel sad.

5 days left now, and I've been flat out cleaning and tidying since Friday. Have 3 exams to prepare for for next week too. You're supposed to take it easy in the days before your wedding so you look at your best - chance would be a fine thing! Would be great if I had another couple of weeks to get everything ready. You can tell my head isn't screwed on right at the moment. I'm one of the most organised people you'll ever meet, and am never late. On Friday I got the time of my facial muddled up, and they phoned me at 10.45 to see where I was a sit was at 10.30 - I was convinced it was 11.30. Checked calender and no, it was 10.30. Got there as fast as I could, and arrived just after 11, so had an 'express facial'! Then at midnight I suddenly had a horrible thought that I'd forgotten to take my pill, raced downstairs and took it, thinking that it would mess up our honeymoon, then got up the next morning to find that I HAD taken it when I should. And then a 2nd at midnight. Then another at 6am! Hardly surprising I'm in a state when I have so much progesterone and oestrogen in my system! Then got John up to be at work for 7am as usual, forgetting it was bank holiday so he started an hour later. There are other examples, but my head is such a sieve that I can't remember at the moment!

Might not have time to blog again until the weekend after the wedding because of the wedding (obviously!) and exams. Hopefully by then I'll have photos to share.

(Positive thoughts for nice weather on Saturday would be very much appreciated!)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A chance to breathe....

.... at least for a few days! In the past week I have had a Criminal Law exam and a Miscarriage of Justice presentation. Its been so hectic! Haven't had chance to get nervous about the wedding, which is only 9 days away!

Found out I got 86% in a Legal Profession exam a few weeks back, and was so pleased! My aim for the year was to get one 80%, and thought it wasn't completely unreasonable as I'd had lots of 70+, with the highest being 77%, so am happy now!

I have 3 exams the week I get back from honeymoon, so obviously am not going to be revising during the wedding or honeymoon, so won't get my hopes up too much for them.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Final dress fitting - 3 1/2 weeks to go!
Mock trial - the cast (Dan - defendant, Emma - witness, Me - prosecution solicitor, Laura - judge, Jannick - defence solicitor, James - witness).

Me on far right of photo.

Me - with a silly smile!

Friday, 2 May 2008

My idea of Heaven!

I love bluebells. Always try and get the chance to photograph them each year. Last year I was really pleased with my photos - especially as they were taken with the 3.2 mp camera on my mobile. This year I have my wonderful Canon D400. Love that camera soooo much.
In the fields behind the kids school there is a hill and wood full of bluebells. After I dropped them off, I spent half an hour alone there with my camera (apart from a few dog walkers). The hill was looking a bit sorry for itself this year - think the weather had made it a bit difficult for them to grow.
But this wood was beautiful. Got some very funny looks from people walking their dogs (especially when I was crouching down in a stream to take photos!), but got some photos I'm really happy with.
I love photography. Really must read the camera manual so I can start using all the settings rather than just the pre-set ones! I was saying to John the other day that I wished I could have a job where all I did was travel the world taking photos of things that I think are beautiful and inspiring. Maybe when I'm rich!
College has been better this week. I have been quite ill with a terrible cold, but struggled through.
Final dress fitting tomorrow. The wedding is THIS MONTH!! Four weeks tomorrow in fact. It does scare me that its gone so fast that I really haven't had much time to enjoy the preparations like I wanted to. Its just been stressful really.

But I am looking forward to having all the photos to scrap and make into mini books.

I have been doing a bit of scrapping this month - its so hard to find the time and energy though. I spend all day at college longing to be playing with my stash of scrapping loveliness, then by the time I've got home, sorted the tea, washed up, put the kids to bed etc, I'm too tired to do anything other than fall asleep on the sofa.
Can't remember whether I'd mentioned that I got a puncture on Monday. Cost £137.50 for a new tire (big fat Bridgestone's - trouble with having the Sporting model!). Really not what we need so close to the wedding.
Got this weekend bag yesterday. Its really lovely. Can't wait to pack it for honeymoon!