Friday, 22 February 2008

Lots of news - and 99 days left to go!!!!

So this is how I'm having my make up for the wedding - my eyes look huge and I have the cheekbones of a Russian aristocrat! (Or at least that's what my beautician makes it look like;-). Only 99 days to go til the wedding - can't believe its going so quickly. That's like no time at all and I still have so much to do. My dress hasn't even arrived yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a super cute photo I took of John and Ruth looking like twins! Without planning it they had worn matching clothes, and sat in the exact same way watching TV - so glad I caught this.

Ruth was 9 on Valentine's Day - can't believe I'm the mother of a 9 year old - how did that happen?! She had a great day. Loved her presents especially all her Hannah Montana things and her New Look t-shirt. She was so excited about getting to 9 and being able to buy proper New Look teenage clothes, even though she's only just going up to age 8 bottoms, she can get away with age 9 tops.

This is Ruth reading the dedications in her new HM CD and getting upset that Miley Cyrus' Dad died a few years back. She's such a sensitive soul.
We have to buy each of them a present when its the other one's birthday, and this year Alex got a Power Ranger outfit. Love the depth of field in this photo with the gun in focus and his face slightly blurred. Speaking of Alex, he's been very poorly - had 2 weeks of very high temp, and lost loads of weight cos no appetite. GP said it was a 'non-specific virus' but it progressed to an ear infection so its been a tough few weeks for all of us. The anti-biotics are working now, and he's a lot better, but has been doing 1/2 days at school the 2nd half of this week as not up to full days.
College has been going well. Enjoying the new topics - even Land Law! Only thing I struggle with now is Tort Law. Just can't get into it. But I got my 1st Tort assignment back yesterday, and had my 2nd highest mark for it - 76% so I guess its all relative. My average is now 71%. Just waiting for my Constitutional Law assignment back, but hopefully that won't bring me below an overall Distinction. I harbor a slightly unrealistic dream of getting into Cambridge, so really want to do as well as I can. My aim is to get 80% in an assignment - not sure if that will ever happen though.
And finally, a photo of my new shoes. I cannot tell you how much I love them. I have wanted some similar ones I saw for about 8 months, but they were no longer available when I went back to buy them. But then I spotted these on the website - same make, almost identical but with a higher heel - even better! I want to wear them all the time, but they're too special, so keeping them for a special occasion - maybe my honeymoon.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Firsty, as promised, here is a picture of my hair from the trial on Friday - can't get the make up photo to upload as blogger is being a pain, but at least you get the idea.

College was ok. We had 2 Criminal Law lessons, which was good, as I'd been looking forward to it all year. Got the results of my Contract Law exam that I'd been so worried about, and got 70% which was a relief! Really didn't expect a distinction. My average is staying at 70% until I get the results of my other 2 assignments, which haven't been marked yet!

If you have a few spare minutes, please look at Kirsty's blog. She's trying to raise the money to take little Belle to the US to see a specialist. Details can be found here. The YouTube that Belle made for the campaign is here - please take a look and see if there's anything you can do to help this wonderful family.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Back to college tomorrow

I am looking forward to starting the new subjects, but it'll be so hard going back after 2 weeks off. Mind you, only for a week then it's half term!

Had my hair and make up trial on Friday - may get round to uploading photos once I'm on the laptop.

Made an owl themed mini book over the weekend to record my obsession! Loved making it, and its so cute. Inspired by an Anita Mundt project from an old SI mag, and made with Sizzix Bigz frames and Hambly overlays, Sassafrass Lass Owl stamps, and photos. Haven't taken any photos of it yet, but hope to soon.

So pleased that I subscribed to the Red Velvet Art kit club - this months is soooo great! Can't wait for it to arrive, although it'll be at least a week. Hopefully will get here in time for half term.