Saturday, 15 September 2007

The busiest week EVER

Ok I know how I keep saying that, but this really was.

College started Tuesday, and with it the kiddies first day at Breakfast Club. Fortunately they enjoyed it (although Alex was cross about not getting a long go on the Playstation apparently!). College was great. Really enjoyed feeling my brain coming back to life - felt a bit like when a butterfly hatches from its cocoon and its wings unfurl. I like the feeling of being intelligent - thought I'd lost it.

Loving Law - its one of those subjects that I just feel I can DO if you know what I mean. Some of the aspects aren't as enjoyable as others yet, but sure it'll come in time.

And yesterday went wedding dress trying on again. Different shop this time. The lady was great - looks at you and knows what kind of dresses will work with your figure and isn't afraid to tell you if you try one and it doesn't work. I tried 2 dresses the I love. One is £200 cheaper and more me though - and its one I'd found on the designers site and loved straight away, so think thats it. Just have to find a time for my mum and dad (and hopefully my friend) to come and see it, and think we'll be putting down a deposit. Oooh how exciting!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Only 2 days to go!

In 2 days time I will be sitting in my first lesson. I'm getting really nervous - real butterfly moments. Part of the nerves are because the money isn't in my account yet - sure I'll realax a bit more once it's there. My books (4 of them) arrived, and my MASSIVE tote bag I'm going to use for laptop and books etc, so at least I'm a bit prepared.

School going back was good. Kids looked gorgeous in there new uniform - the colour really suits them. On the first day the whole school gathered in the juniors playground to see the release of 400 (1 for each member of the school) helium balloons in the new school colour.

The kids seem to be getting on well with their new teachers - Alex has the best teacher Ruth ever had, so fingers crossed he'll do well with her, and Ruth is the only one in her class who doesn't have to read to her parents, she is so pleased she can just read to herself - which she loves doing anyway. As far as I can tell she can choose whatever she wants to read too - hopefully no more of those awful Ginn books she hated and wouldn't read.

Lots to do today - shopping, weekly challenge LO, roast dinner and all the ironing - fun!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Schools back tomorrow!!!!!

All together now - HOORAY! Only joking, I'll miss the little pumpkins. Not the bickering which they kept up constantly for 7 weeks though. 'We're not fighting' they'd tell me a zillion times a day as I'd ask them to PLEASE stop. Oh well. Ironed all the school uniform last night - only took 1 1/4 hours. Ha. Wouldn't mind never looking at an iron again. Don't think it helps that our iron is rubbish.

Won't have much time to get used to time on my own - John's on holiday til Monday, and I'm starting college on Tuesday. Stupid bus company has changed bus times, so looks like I may have to drive in on Tuesdays, but never mind.

Wedding Fair was good - managed to sort out florist and tiara maker (who can also decorate the cake) who both come out to you to sort out the details. Tried on a couple of tiaras and felt like such a princess!

And the BEST news - we can get married where we want with the vicar we want, as long as we get permission and banns read by our parish vicar - and the vicar we want to marry us is going to put in a good word for us with him if needed. So happy I can't say.

Enrolment at college was on Monday, and no, I hadn't realised what the queues would be like. It seemed like the wholeof Worcestershire was trying to enrol at the same time. So lots of people + rapidly running out parking ticket = very stressed me! Its done now though, and we've ordered my books (£92 ish for 4!!), and bag, and I've even got a couple of bits of stationary from good ol Tesco. Once my student finance money clears, have soooo much I need to buy, just don't know where I'll find the time.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Another busy busy week

And its flown by! The kids are back at school on Thursday - don't know where the holiday has gone! And only just over a week til college starts!
So this week - had a bit of a shock when the phone rang on Thursday evening, and it was THE Kirsty Wiseman. If you know me, you'll know that she's one of my absolute favourite scrappers and photographers, and she phoned to say she'll do our wedding photography!!! Soooooo excited. Need to make sure we can book the right date though - must do that ASAP. Just need OH to hurry up with his side of things!
Malvern Papercrafters was good - quiet, but that was nice as we could chat with people. We did a gorgeous little squeeze book, the first one I made is a birthday present for my Mum on Monday - must finish it and make her card.
Tonight we have a family do to go to - OHs cousin died recently, and it would have been his birthday today, so his family are celebrating his memory. Will be sad, but the kids haven't met their great Aunt and Uncle before, so hopefully it'll be the start of something good.
Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding fair with my sister - love those things! Her fiance couldn't make it, and as OH is on holiday, I get to go - yay!
And the LO is this weeks challenge on UKS. Love these swan pics. There is a single black swan that visits the river at Worcester, and its a rare and beautiful sight. Bare in mind that all my recent photos (like for the past 9 months) have been taken with the 3 MP camera on my mobile phone - in a few weeks I'll have an SLR, and can't wait to see what they'll be like then. Hopefully better!
I'm being drawn to the Canon EOS 400D (thanks Katy for the help and advice), but going to go and try out a few first before I come to a decision.
Oh, and my Student Finance Payment Schedule arrived in the end - was beginning to panic, as I need it for registration on Monday or I don't get my money. Such a relief I almost cried!