Sunday, 30 March 2008

First Geocache!

This morning we had to take John to work for 8am (which was actually 7 as the clocks had gone forward), and it was a beautiful day, sun shining, everything all clean from the night (and previous day's) rain, so Team DM Pirates went Geo caching. Have been hearing about this from KW and Jane for ages, and it sounded like so much fun - especially when the weather is nice.

So Ruth, Alex and I took a trip into town, and after a good bit of searching from the clues on the official site, we found our first cache! It was just a logbook to sign, but the feeling of achievement was amazing. Especially as we don't have a GPS yet - it should arrive mid next week. We did try another, but this was a bit harder, and I think we do really need a GPS for that one, so will try again once its arrived (and take John with us - he's not as self-conscious about rooting around!).

Only 62 days left til the wedding now. I think we're pretty much on target. Have organised for the reading of the banns in our parish, had first dress fitting (OMG it looks soooo good! Couldn't believe the difference having the right size made. And 4 1/2" heels might have helped!). Got Alex's suit (he looks so cute!), and John's shirt and wedding present ;) Just need to get his and Ruth's wedding shoes, and for Rosie's dress to arrive, and the only other thing really is the food. We bought the wedding rings a few weeks back - mine is an 18ct white gold super heavy weight 3mm one which goes perfectly with my engagement ring, and John's is a 5mm Platinum one - cost as much as both my rings put together which I think is nice.

Have a Land Law essay I've been putting off all holiday, and have to prepare for a Criminal Law oral - advising a client on their liability for murder, so really should be getting ready for that, but have trouble getting motivated unless a deadline is looming. I thrive on stress and deadlines!

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Finally my dress has arrived. Got the first fitting a week on Friday - just hope I fit into it.

Gave blood for the first time last Wednesday - it made me feel awful and did strange things to my heart but its something I've always wanted to do.

Friday was the 29th February - the one day in every 4 years that women are 'allowed' to propose to men. John had been saying how nice it must be to be proposed to. I was saying that I didn't need to as we were already engaged. Then I spent the whole day making preparations. Made an 'engagement cake' wrote 'will you marry me' on it with icing, bought him a watch, and candles, and roses (for the rose petals). Popped out for an hour for my facial and to have my eyebrows waxed (ouch). We picked him up from work, and then sent him upstairs while we lit the candles, and scattered the rose petals. I think he was pleasantly surprised - he said yes anyway!

College is still going well - I've had 2 merits (60% and 68%), and 6 distinctions (70%, 70%, 75%, 75%, 76% and 77%) so far. That's an average distinction so I'm happy. Lecturers are happy except that I'm not stretching myself enough. Got the details of some companies that might take me for work experience in the summer for Aidan today. He seemed to think that the highest profile company which only take the best students might well take me, but as they don't do criminal law, I'm not sure they'll be right for me. He did say there's a new female partnership that do criminal law, and that he knows one of them and thinks she'd like me, so is going to try and find me the details. If work experience goes well, a job can come of it, so I really need to make the most of this opportunity.