Thursday, 31 January 2008

Ikea extravaganza

We went to Ikea yesterday - only took about an hour each way, but boy was I exhausted last night! Had thought about giving blood for the first time yesterday, but good job I didn't cos I think it would have finished me off!

John's Mum spotted this cake stand and cover there, so I just had to have that for the wedding reception. Its so pretty! Only £9.99 too. We bought loads off stuff - plates, serving dishes, tealight holders, vases, mirors, etc etc. Took an age to go round, and completly wore me out, but so worth it. Even got a few things for my craft space, and a floor lamp for MIL (John was feeling generous and paid for those too). Got to the till expecting it to all come to £200+ (we filled 2 trolleys and they were REALLY heavy) but it was actually only about £116! Bargain.

Think the wedding is going to be perfect. Looked round the church and its hall again on Tuesday evening. John had the biggest grin on his face the whole time. He said to me later that the only thing that matters to him is that I'm there. So sweet! It means so much to me that he's so looking forward to it, as over the years it was always me that wanted to get married, and he's have been happy to just live together.

Today it is 10 years since my Nanny died. I've felt so sad this week. It breaks my heart that she won't be at my wedding, but worse than that is the fact that she never got to meet my children, and they never got to meet one of the most imortant people in my life. I'm trying to work on a LO to put down everyhing I can remember about her.

Craft group tonight. First one in ages.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I'm still alive - honest!

Just been busy the past few weeks.

Finished my essays and got them in. Don't think my Contract Law exam went well - fire alarm went off after a few minutes, and my mind went blank. At the moment my average mark is 70% - just scraping a Distinction (70%+) so not sure how these last lot of assessments will affect that.

Picked up my shoes. I LOVE them soooo much. Have to practice walking in them though as they're so high. Off to look at the church hall tonight, and to Ikea tomorrow to get plates, vases, tea light holders, cutlery, cake stands etc.

Its our teams challenge on UKScrappers this week. Been trying really hard to comment on as many LOs as possible, as I've done challenges in the past and had NO comments from the team who set it. I don't scrap for the comments, I scrap for me, but it put me off doing challenges, and posting any LOs I did do into online galleries.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

I'm an aunty!

John's sister Grace had a beautiful baby boy on Friday at about 11pm. He's gorgeous but huge - weighed in at 9 lb 8 oz. So the past few days have been constant driving for me to and from the hospital in Worcester, John's mum's and Grace's flat. I'm exhausted! Just got back from dropping off John and his Mum at the hosp. and given the kids their tea. Not sure when John'll be home. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to watch Casualty in peace!

I bought a tiara at long last yesterday. It's stunning. Quite a classic style - very Audrey Hepburn, thought it'd cost a fortune, but was only £55, so I was very pleased. Hair and make-up trial is booked for 1st Feb - can't wait. Fairly sure I've made up my mind how to have it. I think.

And I got a new lens - its a Sigma 70-300mm and is great for outdoor shots of the kids at a distance. Took some photos of the snow on the hills from the back garden, and of the floods at Worcester. Think I do need a tripod now though. Also a portrait lens - Canon 50mm f/1.8 is the one I've got my eye on.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Beautiful shoes and SI news (ooh that rhymes!)

How gorgeous are these shoes?! As soon as I saw them on the Benjamin Adams website I knew I had to have them for my wedding. I know they are obscenely expensive on my student budget at £200 but unlike a lot of wedding shoes I'll be able to wear them again afterwards, so its an investment. And they are soooo beautiful. They should arrive at the shop early next week - can't wait! As they didn't have any in the shop for me to try for size, he instead let me try on another pair of BA shoes - but those cost £400! They were lovely but I prefer the ones I'm getting.
On to Scrapbook Inspirations news - my LO is in there! Was terrified it wouldn't be, so when it arrived yesterday as I was on my way out i tore open the envelope and desperately flicked through til I found it. Later at college while I ate my lunch (Philadelphia and breadstick thing - I'm on a diet and its killing me!!! All my freinds keep eating at McDonalds and I'm craving French Fries) I had a more thorough look through, and on the Inspirations for February page, they've got my photo used in the LO as the no.1 thing to photograph this month - how cool is that!!

I'm very poorly sick today. This cold/cough thing is really getting me down. Struggled through yesterday having coughing fits, but am coughing stuff up today (sorry TMI!) so thought I'd better stay away(it has nothing to do with the fact that the latest Got Paint class is up. Thats just a happy coincidence).