Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th

This is my Dad's favourite photo that he took at the wedding - he took it into work to show all his work colleagues.

I'm going to the cinema with my little sister tonight to see Sex and the City!! Yay!! Been looking forward to this for so long, and my lovely friend Laura gave me 2 tickets, so we don't need to pay either. Very happy!

John and I have managed to finalise the 75 photos we want from our official ones - was really hard to cut the others out though. Can't wait to start scrapbooking them. I uploaded 116 photos taken by family and friends of the wedding, and the photos we took on honeymoon, so they should come from Truprint either tomorrow or Monday.

Sitting waiting for the post man each day now, as Studio Calico kits have started to arrive over here. Mine will be a bit delayed because of the add on we luckily got in the second wave. So hard to wait!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Such a perfect day

Everything about our wedding day was perfect. Even the weather! I actually felt beautiful for the first time in my life. If you want to see some of the official photos, look at Kirsty's blog - the photos are so amazing, keep looking at them and can't believe they're ours. She is such an amazing photographer - really captures the essence of people. And she is one of the nicest people I've ever met. So on top of the amazing day, I have made a wonderful friend - thank you for sharing our day with us! I've always hated having my photo taken, and hate looking at photos of me, but I was floating on air all day, and think that shows. We cried when we saw the photos (and during the ceremony, during the speeches etc etc).

Me, Rosie and Ruth leaving the house for the wedding.
John and I in the wedding car.
After the reception John and I went to Thornbury Castle where we stayed for 2 night. Just the most wonderful and beautiful place imaginable. Could have stayed there forever.
John at Thornbury Castle.

Me at Thornbury Castle.

Our tower - our room is the one with the window open.
Had a great week at college too - 2 exams (that wasn't good), but managed 86% in Land Law when I hadn't been able to revise at all, my tutor told me I should do LLB fast-track when I finish the HND, and have worked out that whatever I get in my final Tort exam, I will still have an overall distinction - even if I only scrape a pass.

This tower is over the road from college - walk past it every day, and didn't realise til the day before my last day that there is a family of Peregrines living there!

Took these photos with my longest zoom lens- just wish it went that little bit further!

Mum and Dad on top of parapets, and fledgling slightly lower. Such a joy to see.
So all in all I have had a pretty perfect week - and to top it all off, Scarlett and April at Studio Calico managed to get me the Picket Fence add on I missed out on, and managed to get the most amazing deal on my new mobile, getting Orange to knock £100 off the price of my upgrade even though I'm on the lowest tariff. Makes me think that someones been looking out for us - like we've had 10 years of good luck built up for us, and all released in to one week.
Hope life is treating all of you well x