Saturday, 21 February 2009

Too busy twittering

Yep, thats a scary way to start a post! Not good with photos of me (except the ones Kirsty took of the wedding which I am totally in love with) so doing a self-portrait was somewhat of a challenge. Completely out of my comfort zone you could say. So I took an hour and 74 shots to get something which I can live with. OK so its a bit of a cheat - you can't really see me, but I felt like being a bit alternative and different :P

Half term has been interesting - Ruth turned 10 on Valentine's Day. She's had a massive growth spurt over the past 6 months (about 2 inches) and we got her feet measured and they'd grown more than a whole size. She'll have caught up with me soon - not hard though cos I'm a bit of a short-arse! We've been to the cinema twice - Secret of Moonacre (not as good as the book - never understand why they have to change the story), and Bolt which made Alex and me cry. Bolt is fantastic - trouble is now we want one!

Still addicted to Twitter, and now John is on it too (because of the new Call of Duty game which is in development, not because of me - he knows his priorities) its pretty much replaced any other method of communication.

Managed to finally upload photos to Moo and LOVE the mini cards. Took so long to upload the photos though :( About 3 hours for the 40 odd ones I managed. Damn wifi! Ordered some more and some stickers too though.

Its back to college, school and work on Monday. We're NOT looking forward to that I can tell you. Alex is already trying to come up with reasons why he can't go.

On a sad note, the move fell through. So we've been having to unpack which would have been bad enough in the new house, but having to do it still here was pretty heartbreaking. My lovely friend Laura said its because something better will come along, which I'm trying to hold on to. Normally I'm a very positive glass half full type person, but have to admit this really threw me for 6. As we can't afford a mortgage for even half what we'd need, its back to the waiting list.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Somebody was happy to be out playing in the snow instead of at school! Can't believe she'll be 10 in just over a week - my baby!
The County Council shut all the schools in the county - snow day! John had to walk to work though which was a shame.

Gnorman the Gnome again (inspired by Amelie). Bit of a change from the last photo of him on the beach in the summer!
Gratuitous shoe shot.

I'd never seen ice crystals like the ones today - Alex said the snow was furry! Click on the photo for a better image.

Alex's ice alien - he was devastated when teenage boys used it as snowballs :( Cried his heart out.
Nearly Headless Jim - the snowman Ruth and i made. His head fell off but not before John got home and saw him.
We love snow! Hopefully another snow day tomorrow.