Sunday, 19 April 2009

This is where I'll be all day tomorrow. It's a college trip to the House of Commons and House of Lords. Should be interesting. We have to get to college for 7.15am though which is sooo early! Will have to leave home at 6.50am!!!!!!!!!!! It'll take about 3 hours on the coach, so Laura and I are taking our Ipods and a book and being anti-social.

Got a new lawn mower today after the old one blew up (black smoke started billowing out last time it was used. Garden looks so much better now. And the sun has been out most of the day so I.m feeling all happy.

Ikea stuff will be coming on Friday. Can't wait to get everything unpacked and put away. Most stuff is out of boxes, but there are still enough around to make it feel a bit of a mess. The new carpets are still looking great. The house will look lovely once its finished. Will just have decorating left to do then.

Just about to make our favourite dinner - mozzarella and tomato with garlic doughballs. Then have to get kids bathed and too bed so I can attack the massive pile of ironing. Then 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives - yay! Loving this season.

Still not done those assignments for college though. Really have to finish then ASAP. Have to take car back to garage on Wednesday though for latch to be fixed and Ikea delivery will take most of Friday (we're getting a LOT of furniture).

Have been looking at Laptop bags for the new laptop I got yesterday to replace the old one that I have to give back to college in June. So far my favourite is this one from Cath Kidston.
Its so different to the normal boring black ones you see all the time. I love her retro fabric patterns. Have ordered some fabric from Etsy which is similar to some of hers. Will have a go at making a bag soon.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Rain rain go away

Its so miserable here - hasn't stopped raining for 2 days. We have damp appearing on the bathroom ceiling, so have to wait in all day for a building inspector to come and have a look. To cheer myself up, I've dug out some sunny photos from the last few weeks.

These are the owl cakes I made using one of the recipe books I was given for Mothering Sunday. Love owls, and these were almost to cute too eat. Almost, but didn't stop me finishing them all off (with a bit of help form the family of course!). Pilchard enjoying the sunshine a few weeks ago just before we moved. Love this cat so much. Even though he's moulting all over the new carpets and puking up hair balls (yum!). No amount of brushing seems to help much although my hands are showing it when I don't move the brush out of the way fast enough when he gets fed up and attacks the brush. Helps that he's so photogenic :)
This was my lovely family on Easter Monday.. We went and found a geocahe that had been evading us for a year, and then climbed British Camp. Ached for days afterwards!

These little lambs were guarding the cache. I love lambs. Makes me feel all happy and summery. We hand-reared a lamb in New Zealand when I was 3, so they're very dear to my heart.

My Studio Calico kit came yesterday! Love it as always. Haven't had much time for crafty stuff recently, but did make a few fabric yo-yos from Heather Bailey's tutorial while watching TV the other night. Really happy with how they came out :) Going to try my hand at sewing a few things. I love fabic and have quite a bit so might as well stop being scared of messing up and have a go! If you know any good ewing inspiration sights I'd love it if you could link me up :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Little Sad...........

Found out last night that people have moved into our old house. I know the move was final the moment we gave the keys back, but still, it feels different. Don't get me wrong - I love this house. It's just that there were so many memories at the old place. At least the house won't feel lonely now :) Hope the new people are happy there.

About to take Alex for a much needed hair cut (see photo in last post). His hair is in his eyes now! He looks so much more grown up with it short. They're both growing up so fast.

Hoping a few deliveries I'm expecting come today - especially my Studio Calico kit. Just hope it doesn't arrive while we're out.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Attempt 2

Its decided to work again now, so here goes - The new sofa - we can just about all fit on it at the same time ATM - that won't last long though seeing how quickly the kids are growing.

And the wardrobe I tried to put in the last post. With the Komplement fittings so we can organise everything nicely.

Finally a recent photo I'm really proud of (see here.) Really captures this cheeky little monkey perfectly.

Just can't seem to get going

With anything at the moment. I think moving just took everything out of me - emotionally and physically. Or I'm just plain lazy. Or maybe a mixture of the 2??? Really need to crack on with my college assignments, but have managed nothing so far bar buying textbooks. Oh yes, that is the one thing I can do - spend!!

We've ordered the Ikea furniture which arrives 2 weeks today - can't wait!
This is my chair which is going to be at my crafting table and double up as an arm chair. Its so comfy - I love it!
My Expedit desk which attaches onto the front of my Expedit shelf (I have the biggest one). Can't wait to have a desk again :)

The wardrobe we'll have in our room. We've got all the inside organised with the Komplement things. * Blogger has now gone a bit mental, deleted the photos of our wardrobe and sofa and won't let me upload any more. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr *