Wednesday, 29 August 2007

School Uniform Shopping!!!

Yep, it was finally the day to go and try and track down seemingly non-existent school uniform, on what I hadn't realised was the busiest school uniform shopping day of the year! Not fun.

It took 4 hours, but we managed it all pretty much in the end. And thank the Lord the price of the clothes is coming down each year - cos £36 each for shoes?! How can that be right. The trouble is, you see, that as well as being petite little things, who have waists a few sizes smaller than their age clothes size, they have high arches on their feet, so need more support than a lot of shoes give - which means they need Startrite shoes, which means EXPENSIVE. Worth it to protect their little ankles though.

Oh, and GREAT news - OH passed his theory test with 35/35 in the questions part.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Super talented daughter alert!

How clever is my baby! She designed these clothes al herself, inspired by Love Elsie, Roxy range. She wants to be a fashion designer, and then retire to Hawaii, and if you know Ruth, you'll know that if she puts her mind to something, there's not much that could stop her - so look out London, Paris New York and Milan - Ruth's Rock-Sy - rocking a girls world is coming!

Friday, 24 August 2007


Feeling a bit rubbish today. So tired, and its hot and that the of the month, so feeling tetchy as well. Going to try and do some creating today - that should cheer me up.

Although I slept through last night, had horrible dreams, and feel more tired than when I went to bed.

Its been a bit of a busy week - Alex's birthday, and on Wednesday we went to Merry Hill shopping, and to see Transformers. John started at 7am again yesterday which is always a struggle.

At least the sun is shining - if it was miserable I'd be straight back to bed (not that that's possible with the kids at home!).

Hoping to get my student finance letter today, and still waiting for the solicitor to send John's cheque. Might have to phone them and hurry them up.....

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My Baby Is 6!

Alex's birthday today - he's having a great day. He loved his presents, and opened them in record time.

We went to the Theatre and met PC Plum from Balamory - he was so nice, and said Happy Birthday to Alex, and he and Ruth had their photo taken with him. Was impressed with how natural he was with all the kids.

This is my latest creation - finished last night, and inspired by a Prodigy song title. Actually I made Alex's birthday card after this - I did a paper piecing of Makka Pakka from In The Night Garden, which took forever, but he loved it, and he had asked for a Makka Pakka card.

Got birthday cake and Dalek cookies to make this afternoon, so better go and get started....

Sunday, 19 August 2007

These Shoes Rock!!

How cool are these shoes?! We got them in the Next sale at the beginning of the holidays when we were waiting for Morrison's to open (delayed due to the floods) so I could buy Harry Potter (so obsessed with those books), and Ruth has worn them all holiday - no matter what outfit she wore them with she made them work. She has such style - I should probably get tips from her!

Loved making this LO. Was pretty quick - under an hour I think. So pleased I managed to stamp onto the photo without it smudging - thank the Lord for Staz-On!!

I have filled all my scrapbook albums, so have worked out I need 4 more - a 12x12 (don't use that format as often any more, but for the occasional LO its necessary), 11x8.5 (my current favourite - I find it so much easier), 6x12 (just got into that, and its so much fun, and so quick and easy), and I've seen a 'Guess How Much I Love You' album that I want to do the baby photos in. Good job I'll have so much more money in a month isn't it!

Better go - Alex wants an exploding box for his birthday, and I haven't made his card yet - or this weeks Art Journal (I'm doing the Emily Falconbridge challenges, but only started last week, so on #2 - what is powerful to you - know what I want to do, just have to do it!).

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Nearly forgot - the tooth fell out while he was brushing his teeth on Friday night. Thought he'd swallowed it, and he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to say sorry, but I managed to find it inside his t-shirt! Took photos of the gap, so will scrap those at some point.

Uuurrrggghh I HATE this weather

I find it SO hard to do anything when its all dark and rainy like today - apart from fall asleep that is!

But I have managed to finish this weeks challenge on UKS. Not really a heritage scrapper, but using primary colours made this a pleasurable experience. The photo is of my granddad taken in about 1930, and on the back was written 'John 'the pickle' '. We don't know who wrote it or why, but its such a lovely photo, and the title and photo are inextricable linked to me, so that's why I used it as the LO title.

Got my timetable for September today. Relieved that it came, as was worrying about when I was supposed to enrol etc, so going to try and not think about it now, and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Only 3 days til Alex's birthday - he'll be 6!!! How fast has that gone. He wants me to make him an exploding box with photos of him in, like the one I made Granny for her birthday, so better go and get that started.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Oooh how exciting - never been tagged before.

Thanks Katy for that.

And I'm tagging Paula, cos I love reading her blog, and she's so nice!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

1st post....

.... of my new blog!

These next few months will be such a dramatic change for all of us. Starting college full time (I'm doing a Law HND - scary!), Ruth and Alex going to Breakfast and After School lub, planning our wedding - I can see that in the future I'll want to look back and see exactly what happened in the mad rush that was the 07/08 school year.

This was one of the 3 (yes 3!) LOs I did at the crop on Saturday. Baring in mind that I've never even managed to do a complete LO at a crop before, this was quite a feat. I'm loving scrapping so much at the moment. Can't wait til September when I have more money to buy all the stash I'm lusting after!

Oh and I think I may have found 'the' dress. Can't stop thinking about it! But can't post a picture, just incase 'someone' sees it.

I'm going to try and be very good, and blog regularly. Having a laptop for college will hopefully make that easier.

Its my little sisters birthday today - she says 22 sounds so old. Just wait til you're nearly 27!