Friday, 20 March 2009

we moved!

that house that fell through that I was so bummed about?? we got it on the waiting list. Got told on the Wednesday that if we wanted it we'd have to move that weekend - less than 3 days to pack an entire house. and we have a lot of stuff! it was manic, a nightmare at times, but we're pretty settled, new carpets everywhere except our room which is being done tomorrow. a hell of a lot of stuff to unpack, but my expedit shelf is up, and the scrapping stuff is getting lovingly arranged :) loads of new furniture to arrive, so will be a few weeks yet til everything is unpacked, and then we need to decorate, but it feels like home. the cat has even started to venture outside!

have so much to catch up on for college, and so much to do here, so have to run xx