Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Long time no blog.................

It's been an ultra busy few weeks. Last weekend I had tonsillitis. Worst I've ever had it. Had an IT exam and a Civil Litigation oral assignment on Monday and Tuesday though, so had to drag myself in to college.

I was pretty much better by my birthday on Wednesday though. 28! Don't feel any older. On Thursday the 4 of us that made it to college, plus our teachers Debbie and Aidan went for a meal at lunch time. When we got back, Dan, Laura and I played Family Law charades (Debbie's idea - worked about as well as it sounds!), which was interesting.

Then I got ill again over this past weekend. Think it was because I didn't have a chance to rest and recover from the tonsillitis - that and I still have to run round after everyone else even when I'm at death's door myself. I have had the worst cold/flu the past few days that I've had in the past 10 years - the last time I felt this bad was when I was pregnant with Ruth. There were times then that I was actually delirious. Didn't get quite to that stage this time. So fed up of being ill though. Hoping I'll be better for Christmas. On the plus side I have lost weight on account of the fact that there have been days when I haven't been able to eat. Even fit into the jeans that I bought in the Next sale a while back but couldn't squeeze myself into.

Been enjoying taking photos of the Christmas decorations - the best of which is Pilchard of course! He looks so cute on the new white settee covers.

John's court case is finally sorted, and will all be over in a month, which means we can finally get our new sofa!
As I very much doubt that I'll be updating again in the next wee or so, have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Forgetting to blog

Although I check my blog most days for the blog feed to my faves, I forget to blog myself! Well that and the instant gratification of Twitter :)

Things have been non-stop as usual. College has been a lot harder this year - they're getting us ready for working in law. Have almost defiantly decided to do the degree part time (one day a week) in September. If I carry on getting mainly Distinctions ( have 3/3 so far this year, and an overall Distinction for Year 1) I can do it in 3 years instead of 4. We're having a talk about it tomorrow, so looking forward to that.

Finished the Christmas shopping for the kids today - mostly stocking fillers which was fun, but I have Sciatica ATM and its agony. First damaged the nerve when I slipped in the bath when pregnant with Alex, and every so often antagonise it. Hoping its better tomorrow, cos don't know how I'll manage to carry my folders, notes etc if not.

Have to do a 10-15 min lecture on Care Orders tomorrow, so better go and finish making my handout for the class.