Wednesday, 29 July 2009


So, to fund my newest addiction (Blythe), I have started knitting again. I've set up a little Artfire store - SakuraBlythe to sell the things I make. So far there are 2 hats and a scarf in there, but I'll be adding more things as they're finished.

I got the Event Monitor on Monday evening, and so waiting to see if I have an 'event' while I have it on - Sod's Law says I won't of course, but really hope it gets sorted. Trouble is, I'm allergic to the glue on the sticky pads with the contacts in - the itching is driving me mad! Taken some anti-histamine, which makes me fall asleep, but about to go to bed, so not really a problem today for a change :)

1 comment:

  1. How odd - I was allergic to the glue too. Weeks later I still had the big round marks on me where the pads had been! Nothing happened on mine until I was actually walking up the hill to the cardiac unit to hand the blessed thing back in lol !
    Fingers crossed for you.