Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Studio Calico - I think I love you!

This is the very peculiar bag that my kit box arrived in - was very worried to start with - thought it might have been damaged or something. But it was ok! As this is probably my last kit for a while I documented the process - have photos of the box being opened etc. Yes I am obsessed!

This was the beauty within. I got up at 4.45am last month to get the 2 add-ons I wanted. No, needed! This was possibly my favourite kit ever. Really looking forward to scrapping with it. I'm hoping that my stopping buying kits for a while will not only help my bank balance, but also get me using the kits I already have.

Yesterday I discovered a new obsession - Kokeshi dolls from Japan. Not the new ones, but the beautiful weathered vintage ones. Ruth collects Momiji dolls, which are a kind of modern version, but these have so much history. If you do a search on Ebay you'll find some from sellers in Japan.

I'm tired now - its been John's day off so we've spent the day not really doing much, so not sure why I'm so tired. We did walk to school and back twice I suppose, but its not that far. And I do need the exercise if I'm going to fit in these jeans by next week.

I don't know what Ruth's been eating, but she must have grown another couple of inches. She now comes higher than my shoulder. Will have to get John to take some photos. Alex has swimming and tennis tomorrow, so he'll be tired when he gets home = grumpy. He loves tennis though - we've spent most of the evening today playing with plastic rackets and a foam ball in the hall. Que great hilarity as the ball bounced off doors, walls, our heads and basically anything but the rackets.


  1. umm looks lovely... :( it's your last for a while but at least you'll use up what you've got!

  2. Hi Jo :) Saw your post on my Blythe blog but couldn't track down your email so I am going to babble about Blythe in your comments here!
    I think Winsome Willow would be a great first Blythe, she is just beautiful and photographs so well, she really was a lovely surprise when I got her, plus she is still very affordable. She does have a lot of hair to contend with but you can always braid it, put it in pony-tails etc.
    As far as their clothes, I have spent waaaaay too much on Etsy recently, you can find the cutest stuff there, another favorite is http://www.thisisblythe.com/shop/